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In the end, all that matters is that a connection is made. We scour through hundreds and sometimes, thousands of resumes using every available tool online and our proprietary internal database of candidates. After days and weeks of calling clients, staying in touch, networking, qualifying jobs, pressing for interviews, and making good resumes better it all comes down to people. That’s what it’s all about. PCS connects people with people. That’s the part of our business that’s so rewarding. We don’t sell the proverbial widget. We connect people together. Since 1986, we have been building a chain of connected people each who are unique trying to do their best to provide the best they can for clients and clients who do their best to do right by their staff. It’s all about the people. Do your best for the people and little else matters.

At PCS, you will have a specific person as your point person. You can call them or email them anytime with questions about our progress on your need. They are more than happy to discuss our methods and results with you. Your job in the partnership is simply to respond when we call. It’s important in the process to know immediately if candidates are a mesh for your requirements. This allows PCS to have a better record of success with you. We take very seriously and track daily our metrics so that we can constantly evaluate “success”, which is defined by you hiring a PCS candidate. Aside from that, we have not been successful.

PCS has many methods of communication. We feel that communication from inside and from our clients and candidates is paramount to our success. A breakdown in this area with result in overall failure.

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PCS Technical Services, Inc., information technology, accounting, finance, administrative, light industrial.

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