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PCS Technical Services, Inc. is one of the region’s leading resources for temporary technical personnel in the areas of engineering, scientific disciplines, information technology, accounting\finance\administrative and light industrial. By forging a firm recruiting partnership with your company, we’re able to better discern your unique needs. Our large internal database of candidates, networking prowess as well as the more common tools and our meticulous recruiting standards allow PCS to pick the right person for your need. PCS has over 30 years of proven staffing abilities and unparalleled service and quality.

Founded by engineers from manufacturing in 1986, PCS Technical Services, Inc. is attuned to the technicalities of technical personnel. It is our goal to find the right person for your unique needs. Technology in product development, industry and manufacturing has changed a great deal since the foundation of PCS, but one thing remains the same… the wrong person for a position is still the wrong person. PCS is focused on the right person for the right job.

Managing staff, coordinating projects, beating deadlines is your job and it is tough enough without the added pressures of trying to find quality talent to fulfill the demands of your staffing needs. By teaming with PCS, you can increase your productivity by focusing your skills where they’re needed most. We handle the tedium of sorting through resumes, interviewing applicants and checking references. This allows you precious additional time to devote to major projects. Let’s face it; in today’s culture of needing to accomplish the most with the least, you shouldn’t be burdened by recruiting candidates as well. That’s where PCS shines. That’s all we do. We are focused on the staffing needs of each and every client and on finding the right person for you.

PCS offerings include:
  • Temp-to-Direct Staffing
  • Direct Placement
  • Payrolling Placement
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PCS Technical Services, Inc., information technology, accounting, finance, administrative, light industrial.